Partner Rodrigo Bustingorry’s Article on “Negotiable Promissory Notes in the Stock Market” in DPI Cuántico, Derecho para Innovar.

Text: The brand-new Act No 27,263 (Official Gazette, 08.01.2016) established the so-called “Program for Productive Recovery” as permanent. Independently of an important series of fiscal, tax and financial benefits, among others, set by said Act, benefiting small, middle and large companies (pursuant to Act No 25,300), which shall not be considered herein, said rule amended some sections of Decree 5963/63, creating a special regime so that promissory notes issued pursuant to such rules, can be negotiated in stock markets.

The purpose of this short article is to quickly guide the reader of this new issue, included, from now on, in the currency regulation of Decree 5965/63.

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