Tax Law

The Tax Dept. of ZBV led by partner Diego A. Embón, is responsible for the advice and tax planning as well as counselling, direction and procedural representation on contentious tax matters as well as social security. This Department offers advice on tax criminal matters as well.

1. Advice and Tax Planning

On this regard, the Dept. offers advice to companies and individuals on the optimization of tax impact in national and international transactions, tax planning and specific opportunity analysis (moratoriums, fiscal incentives, special programs, etc.).

Tax analysis of M&A, corporate reorganizations, transfer of goodwill, foreign investments and international financial transactions; assistance in the purchase audit or due diligence on tax matters.

2. Tax Litigation

The Dept. offers advice and assistance in contentious cases on tax matters in every administrative court: inspections, verifications, determination of taxes, summary proceedings for formal and material violations, etc. This means the defense of the customers’ rights in complex litigation proceedings and in every type of claims made by the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP), the Collection Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires (ARBA), the Government Administration of Public Income of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (AGIP) and every other collection agency, not only before an administrative court but also before the National Tax Court, Appellate Court of the Province of Buenos Aires and federal and local judicial courts, including the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.