Energy and Natural Resources

Partner Amalia Sáenz leads the Energy and Natural Resources practice, representing local and international energy, mining and oil & gas companies. Her background practice includes tenders process, acquisition of assets and their financing, joint ventures construction and operation agreements, in addition to most standard contracts and International Purchase Offers (IPO) related to mining and oil and gas assets located in Argentina. She has advised on the applicable environmental laws related to the mentioned areas and participated in projects for the construction and expansion of gas pipelines, transportation concessions, pumping plants and energy facilities further to the recent renewable energy tenders.

The ZBV array of services provided by our Energy & Natural Resources team include: advice on tenders and regulations of the renewable energy sector, conventional electric sector, oil and gas and mining operations, due diligence, negotiations and drafting process for the energy, oil and gas and mining segment, including the applicable legal framework and the structuring of the respective acquisitions, further to the incorporation of new operators and /or new generators in the domestic market.