Rodrigo Bustingorry
Dispute Resolution, Litigation & Arbitration

General corporate practice oriented towards Dispute Resolution, Litigation, Mediation, and Arbitration.

He leads judicial processes, arbitrations, negotiation and the prevention of civil and commercial conflicts. He is a pre-judicial Mediator, according to Law 26.589 guidelines. He advises and represents clients in Mediation and Negotiation proceedings for the alternative resolution of disputes, and acts as an arbiter in ad hoc arbitration and before various courts. He also specializes in consumer law. Rodrigo is a Conciliator before COPREC and SCJCABA.

Rodrigo, who also heads the IT and AI department at ZBV, is well-known for his interest in technological advancements and the future of the legal industry, and has been widely consulted by many media outlets. He has also written academic articles on these matters. Additionally, Rodrigo teaches at the University of Buenos Aires’ Law school, as a full associate professor of Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Law. He is also a professor at other universities, both at the graduate and post-graduate level.


Professional Experience

· ZBV Abogados – Partner (since 2012)

· National Judiciary – Secretary (2011 – 2012)

· ZBV Abogados – Senior Associate (2009 – 2011)

· Estudio Yanzón Sánchez & Solari – Associate (2001 – 2008)


Memberships and Professional Associations

· Arbitrator and mediator in the Centro Empresarial de Mediación y Arbitraje (C.E.M.A.)

· Member of the City of Buenos Aires Bar Association

· Member of the San Isidro Bar Association

· Member of the Federal Chamber of San Martín

· Coordinator of the DECONOMI Journal, at the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires


Academic Activities

· Universidad de Buenos Aires – Associate professor of Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Law

· Universidad Nacional de Posadas – Professor in the Business Law graduate degree

· Universidad de Belgrano – Professor of Corporate Law in the Corporate Legal graduate degree

· Universidad de Buenos Aires – Professor in the graduate courses on “Modern Commercial Business” and “Judicial Processes in the Commercial Courts”


Professional Licenses



· Federal-Provincial License



· Universidad de Buenos Aires – J.D. (2000)

· Universidad de Buenos Aires – Graduate course on Corporate Legal Advice (2005)

· Universidad de Buenos Aires – Graduate course on Bankruptcy Law (2005)

· Council of the Magistrature of Argentina –  Training Program on Gender Perspective Issues (2021)

· Universidad de Buenos Aires – Course on Gender Topics for Professors (2021)



· Spanish

· English